6. Extremist Group Arrested for Performing Pilgrimage in Mokattam

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Spotlight on an Islamic group that was arrested for performing rituals of pilgrimage in Mokattam.
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Security forces have arrested a group of the followers of Ahmad Kādiānī based on charges of performing pilgrimage rituals in the Mokattam area in an explicit violation of Islamic law.
According to investigations, the group, arrested in April,. aims to promote the ideas of their order which are contradictory to Sharī‘ah, to stir up trouble.
The indictment stipulated that the group published extremist ideas, including the claim that the Prophet Mohammed does not appear on the Seal of the Prophets, and that the revelation came down to the founder of the group Gholām Ahmad al-Kādiānī and his successor. They also claim that pilgrimage should be performed to the tomb of al-Kādiānī in India, not to the Ka‘bah in Mecca.
This, in addition to denying the Prophet's .hadīth, contradicts the beliefs of the group.
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