16. “Al-Qādiyānīyah” calls for pilgrimage to al-Muqattam and scholars disagree about how to dealing with it

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This article highlights a new Muslim conviction, al-Qādiyānīyah, and the Islamic reaction in Egyptian society.


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 Egyptian society deals with the emergence of aberrant denominations in different ways. While some people believe such groups are a normal result to developments within the society, others consider it a direct result to dogmatic vacuum and the reluctance of the Islamic Research Academy. Last week, the police arrested a group of people who follow al-Qādiyānīyah, who believe al-Muqattam to be their pilgrimage destination, contradicting Islamic law. They believe that Muhammad is not the last prophet and that al-Mahdī will be resurrected in Qadian city, India, in the last days to save humanity. It is mentioned that Israeli newspapers promote such an ideology. The Islamic Research Academy stated that al-Qādiyānīyah is an apostate group. Dr. Āminah Nasīr, professor of philosophy at Azhar University, states that the Egyptian society suffers from a dogmatic vacuum, and calls on religious institutions to face such deviancies through intellectual argument. Other Muslim clerics believe that the appearance of such groups is due to foreign bodies and enemies of Islam. They call on the state to tighten its grip on these apostates. 


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