32. Al-Badawī: the religious state is not a principle of the party

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Dr. al-Sayyid al-Badawī tells al-Ahrām that the idea of the religious state in not included in the agenda of al-Wafd political party.
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Dr. al-Sayyid al-Badawī, president of al-Wafd political party, announced that the party does not believe in the idea of a religious state, since its program is based on civil state and respecting national unity. He also pointed out that the al-Wafd and the Muslim Brotherhood have a good relationship, based on respect and talks between the two sides. However, he added that this relationship depends on the decisions of the supreme council of the party.
These declarations came as part of a press conference held at the party’s headquarters between Dr. Sayyid al-Badawī and Dr. Muhammad Badī‘, guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, who visited al-Wafd to congratulate Dr. al-Badawī for heading the party. After the conference, al-Badawī asserted that this conference was not planned, since the guide of the Muslim Brotherhood visited the party headquarters only to congratulate him for the new position.
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