25. After the massacre of Christmas Eve ..… abolishing the subject of religion from school curricula

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The article suggests the development of school curricula that show highlight discrimination against Copts.
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‘Ātif Kāmil warns against the consequences of sectarian tension in Egyptian society. According to him, the teaching of religionus studies at schools in which students are divided into Muslims and Christians enhances discrimination and establishes the concept of the "other" in children's minds. He adds that school curricula involve discrimination as they include verses from the Qur'ān and references to Islamic invasions whereas they ignore the Coptic epoch of Egyptian history, for example.
Kāmil calls upon the new minister of education, Ahmad Zakī Badr, to consider the above mentioned points and develop school curricula. He states that the minister should issue a resolution to cancel the subject of religion in schools; mosques and churches are the places where religion should be taught, he argues.
The author also refers to the importance of passing a unified law for houses of worship and highlights the role of the media in eliminating discrimination.
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