37. We are all racists … and we are all victims

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Wafā' al-Shīshīnī describes the Egyptian Muslims and Christians as both victims and criminals at the same time. They were criminals for helping sow the seed of fitnah and sectarianism planted among them, and at the same time they were victims entrapped in the snare prepared for them either by politicians or by the fake religious leaders who manipulated their minds through the media.
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Wafā' al-Shīshīnī starts her article advocating for everyone to have the courage to confess that all the people are racists and sectarians, and all of them are victims of political gamesmanship in which all the internationally prohibited tricks are used to achieve certain targets. She reflects on the newly born monster threatening the whole world; the spectre of sectarian fitnah. This monster has never been known by Egypt nor accepted by its tolerant culture, but rather has been newly seeded among Muslims and the Christians in Egypt; a society which has never witnessed discrimination of any sort between a Christian and a Muslim . All are used to living together in harmony, love and tolerance as one united family.
Later, al-Shīshīnī wonders if people have the courage to confess the error that has occurred, announcing that it is the responsibility of some shaykhs who started seeding hatred and fitnah in the hearts and minds of the youth convincing them that their Christian colleague is kāfir and a second class citizen.
According to al-Shīshīnī, all people have played the role of both the victim and criminal in the society. They were criminals when they closed their eyes and kept a passive silence towards certain acts that took place which contributed in seeding the sectarian discrimination in the society like, for instance, devoting schools for Muslims only and then for Muslim girls wearing hijāb or for Christians only. Similarly, there have been fanatical Christian priests, and Christians who also refuse to employ Muslims.
Al-Shīshīnī stresses that Egyptians have been too easily entrapped into this sectarianism. They are victims of the influence of those long-bearded men from both sides; those who seek nothing but fame, social prestige and fortune..
Finally, the author stresses that religious freedom is the right of every citizen because there is no suppression in religion; one has the right to choose his religion and embrace it without despising any of the religions because all are sent by Allāh. She concludes that it is very important that incidents and problems
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