39. al-Ghūl: “Copts should stop further demands

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MP ‘Abd al-Raīm al-Ghūl asks Copts to stop calling for things that are difficult to achieve.  
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In what al-Ahālī describes as a new provocation against the spirit of national unity, MP ‘Abd al-Rahīm al-Ghūl, a prominent leader in the ruling National Democratic Party, has declared that he was against passing a law against religious discrimination. He also expressed his rejection to any new legislation meant to protect Egypt against fitnah.
Al-Ghūl, head of the Agriculture Committee at the People’s Assembly, made a speech in the presence of the governor of Qena, the head of the security apparatus in the governorate and representatives of the security, public and executive institutions. Al-Ghūl was quoted as saying: “We do not want more laws. We have laws that are similar to those suggested by Copts, who should stop demanding things that are difficult to achieve.”
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