18. Weapons hidden inside churches: Fact or fiction?

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The church has denied allegations made by Dr. Selim El-Awa on Al-Jazeera about weapons from Israel held inside churches. An ecclesiastical source claims the Pope's article in Al-Ahram yesterday to be a response to El-Awa. Dr. Naguib Gabraeel announced that he will take El-Awa to court along with Al-Jazeera and Ahmed Mansour. Dr. Kameel Seddeek issued a report to the President and head of Al-Azhar requesting legal action be taken against El-Awa.

Key Words: Dr. Mohamed Selim El-Awa - Al-Jazeera - Port Said - Joseph Botros Al-Gabalawy - Israel - Pope Shenouda III - Al-Ahram Newspaper - Bishop Morcos - Father Abdel Maseeh Baseet - Naguib Gabraeel - Ahmed Mansour - Kameel Seddeek - The Congregation Council of Alexandria

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