16. Talks of Tributes, Feast Days and State care of churches cause crisis at a conference on Coptic studies

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During a conference on Coptic studies at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, three topics sparked controversy between attendees: Dr. ‘Izzat Hubayb compared saint feast days to Islamic mawlids, Dr. Muhammad ‘Abd al-Wadūd said that the state took care of churches during the Fātimī reign and lifted tribute from Copts and Dr. Randā Balīgh implied Coptic medicine was like the method of healing through magic.

Key Words: Bibliotheca Alexandrina – Dr. ‘Izzat Hubayb – Dr. Muhammad ‘Abd al-Wadūd – Dr. Randā Balīgh – Dr. Mahmūd Sa‘īd cUmrān

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