5. Religious Wars Through Satellite Channels Are Nothing but a Political Scheme

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The editorial claims that some satellite channels were started for the sole purpose of spreading hate and bigotry to ignite Fitnahs of all sorts, not only between different religions, but also between different sects. Dr. ‘Abd Al-Fattāh ‘Ashūr of the Azhar says that the wars are a result of political and religious ignorance and that they are left unresolved by certain politicians in order to distract the people from the corruption that is going on in their country.

Key Words: The Azhar – Shaykh Fawzī Fāḍil al-Zifzāf – Dr. ‘Abd Allāh Samak – Sura 49:13 – Dr. ‘Abd Al-Fattāh ‘Ashūr – Sura 11:118 – Sura 11:119 – Sura 8:46 – Dr.Muhī Al-Dīn ‘Abd Al-Halīm – Iran – Saint ‘A‘ishah


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