50. Delegation from ‘Umrāniyyah Church meets with politicians to solve detainees issue

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A delegation from the ‘Umrāniyyah Church met with NDP member Zakariyyā ‘Azmī today to congratulate him on winning the parliamentary elections. According to Coptic sources, the delegation asked ‘Azmī to interfere to help solve the ‘Umrāniyyah Church crisis and release the 180 detainees. Sources say that the delegation also visited People’s Assembly Speaker Dr. Ahmad Fathī Surūr for the same purpose.

Bishop Theodosius of Giza returned to Germany today to follow up on the Archbishop of Giza’s health condition, amongst rumors of the Pope being angry at him for his methods of handling the ‘Umrāniyyah crisis.

Addtionally, Pope Shenouda III flew to Sharm al-Shaykh today to open a new Coptic Orthodox church and meet with a number of priests. The visit was originally scheduled for last week but was postponed because of the ‘Umrāniyyah incident.


This story was also covered by Sharīf al-Dawākhilī & Michael Fāris in al-Dustūr (P.3)

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