58. Muslim Brothers satisfied reading war verses from Qur’ān and ridiculing their group’s leaders

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The Muslim Brotherhood lost all of its parliamentary seats in the first round of this year’s elections, as well as all their websites. Most importantly, they also lost their parliamentary immunity.

‘Ā’ishah talks about how the group’s parliamentary bloc headquarters, which was once its safe haven, became a large operation room filled by a large number of young members of the group, led by Husayn Ibrāhīm and Sābir Abū al-Futūh, after failing to be elected to run for their districts. The group was in charge of updating the various Muslim Brotherhood websites.

‘Ā’ishah recounts Election Day at the headquarters and explains the group’s reactions to various incidents, such as their websites being taken down and the attack on Subhī Sālih.

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