64. A “terminology war” invades the Islamic World

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Ahmad says that the Islamic world is under attack by the West. Instead of using weapons, the West is claiming enlightenment, using human rights and women's rights to interfere in Islamic affairs.

Islamic scholar Dr. ‘Abd al-Halīm ‘Uways said that the usage of these new terms began with imperialism, which aims to destroy culture as much as people. He says that these new ideas have been introduced in a materialistic rather than spiritual way. He also says that the Islamic World may be technologically backwards, but the West is definitely spiritually backwards, condemning modern Middle Eastern scholars for not being able to differentiate between modernization and Westernization. He also said that Islamic sharī’ah protects the human spirit from materialistic greed.

Dr. ‘Alī Sha‘bān said that the West has recently witnessed the rise of a number of “bright terms” that do not work in an Islamic society. He says that these terms give a person absolute freedom, regardless of society and others; while Islamic teachings are more concerned about society as a group, putting more restraints on the individual. He says that Islam forbids its followers to wander around drunk or exposed indecently, as allegedly happens in the West.

He also said that one of the terms proposed by the West is “women’s rights,” which gives women absolute freedom to wear what they want, befriend whom they want, and decide on the degree to which they are involved in family life. He said that this is all unacceptable in Islam and that Muslim women’s rights are consistent with their dignity and chastity. He then criticized the depiction of women’s rights in Islam and the role of religion in everyday life in the west.

Dr. ‘Abd al-‘Azīz Jibrīl said that Islam is under constant attack by campaigns attempting to question its teachings and alienate its weaker followers, most of whom are young people. He then alleged that Islam is in full support of progress, as long as it is not harām, and said that Islam proposes a complete curriculum for life and that everything needed for progress can be found in the Qur’ān.

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