99. Controversy among Lawyers after Public Attorney Office Links the Rape of the Farshūt Child to Naj‘ Hamadi

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The article describes how the statements by the head of the public attorney's office in Qena suggesting that the rape of a little girl in Farshūt "caused violence between Muslims and Copts last November and was connected to the killing of seven people," has sparked debate among lawyers involved.

Although the official did not name specifics, lawyers concerned in both cases interpreted what he said as linking that incident with the recent Naj‘ Hamadi troubles. One lawyer said that "the motive for the Naj‘ Hamadi crime has not yet been established."

Fathī al-Suwaynī, one of the defenders of the accused in the Naj‘ Hamadi incident, said that the Farshūt child rape was an individual incident and that the Naj‘ Hamadi was not committed out of revenge or religious zealotry, but was a crime. Proof of this is that the accused have no religious links, but do have criminal records.

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