45. Archpriest in Sohag Accused Copts of Planning his Assassination

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Clashes between a priest and Copts in Dār al-Salām (in the Sohag governorate) have reached the police station.

Archpriest Mattá Theophilus accused Copts of planning to assassinate him. The archpriest says the plan was hatched by a deacon who was angered after the archpriest refused to buy him a computer with donation funds.

Local police say that the archpriest's accusation is fabricated. Instead, they the matter is just a small clash over donations.

Eleven people allegedly involved in the planned assassination say that Theophilus accused them because they demanded to know the church's process of collecting donations. They argue that the church should establish a donation monitoring committee, in accordance with Pope Shenouda's general directions to do so.

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