39. The Copts appeal to the President

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The author reports on the issue of the church and diocese of Maghāghah, Minya. Specifically he looks at the building of a church there. 
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For the first time an Egyptian church has published a paid advertisement calling on President Mubārak to permit the building of a church and diocese of Maghāghah. The author wonders why the diocese of Maghāghah did not turn to the Pope to solve this problem. Father ‘Izrā, secretary of the diocese, states that the advertisement was the latest of many unsuccessful attempts through legitimate channels in the Minya governorate. In the same context, Kamāl Zākhir, a Coptic theologian, believes that resorting to the president to solve such problems asserts a collapse of all official channels between the church and state. He also stresses the need for a unified law for the building of houses of worship. Midhat Bīshāī, the writer, points out that these attempts show a lack of confidence in government performance. Father ‘Abd al-Masīh Basīt of Musturud confirms that the advertisement means that the diocese has reached a dead end with officials, and he expects similar advertisements will be issued until new laws are passed concerning church building.  
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