48. The dictatorship of a religious country!

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The leader of the Iranian opponent party Husayn Mūsawī, who was Prime Minister of Iran for four years, has announced that religious dictatorship is the worst type of dictatorship. Mūsawī added that the current ruling system, which portrays the worst image of religious dictatorship, has silenced all mouths, filled the jails with prisoners, and closed the newspapers. Death sentences are issued against many people, most notably to cultured people and scholars who committed no offence other than dissent against an aggressive ruling system.
There is no doubt that a large part of the problem with the ruling system in Iran goes back to the nature of the system which has ruled Iran since the revolution of Khomeini. This government states that the ruling person is the only one in control of everything and has individual control over all state affairs related to politics, security and defense. The leader also has control over all state institutions, starting from the media, the army and the intelligence agency and including the interpretation of religious texts according to his own point of view. Additionally, the interpretation is considered holy, so that no one can disregard them or not follow them. Those who oppose or dissent from the orders are considered to be disobeying Allāh's orders, and will be punished. 
The ruling system in Iran is portrayed by the relationship between the ruling individual and the ruled, which is entirely based on blind obedience and the absence of dialogue, discussion, and most freedoms. Under the pretext of religion- art, music, and creativity are seen as harām. The worst discrimination is practiced against women, imposing ignorance and backwardness upon them. In fact, a religious dictatorship is always a fertile state for the spread of corruption and religious discrimination. As a result, national unity begins to disintegrate and human, individual, and group rights are wasted.
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