10. 80 lashes for “preachers” of piousness

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Iqbāl Barakah comments on Islamic preachers who call for niqāb.
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An Islamic preacher at a satellite TV channel has committed a huge crime as he spoke about niqāb. He described all women who do not wear niqāb as prostitutes, forgetting that according to Islam he would receive 80 lashes for such a comment. Iqbāl Barakah. the author, states the preacher desired to prove his religiosity, but instead alienated a large group of Muslims, committing a horrible crime himself.
Barakah explains that man is free in Islam, and he is to be punished for his deeds alone. Accordingly, this preacher is not going to be punished on behalf of all women who do not wear niqāb. At the same time, many of those women believe that niqāb is only considered a superficial demonstration of religiosity.
Barakah then moves on to talk about the issue of niqāb, saying that it is not appropriate for the shaykh to start arguing about such topics, especially after both the Grand Imām, and the muftī agreed that niqāb is not a fard in Islam.
She then adds that she hopes this preacher will adopt the role of the adviser to those niqāb-wearing students, who after neglecting their studies and exams, started to file lawsuits in order to be permitted to wear niqāb inthe exam halls.  Barakah states, they should have studied harder to prove to the whole world that Muslims are able to excel in sciences and arts.
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