44. The trial of an Egyptian priest, a servant in an American church and four others for involvement in cases of children trafficking

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The attorney general refers a number of people proved to be involved in illegal child adoption to the courts.
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Councilor ‘Abd al-Majīd Mahmūd, the attorney general, has approved a trial for Priest ‘Imād Mauris of the Archangel Mikhā’īl in Kafr ‘Abduh in Alexandria, ‘Ātif Wadī‘ Doss, a servant in an American Church, ‘Īsá Ibrāhīm Girgis, a doctor and head of board in Victoria Hospital, ‘Imād Nasr, Human Resources director [Reviewer: No organization mentioned], Suzie Jalm, employee, Mercedes Elena, an American national and Sharīf Halīm, a New York restaurant owner. [Reviewer: The Arabic article does not mention the denomination of the “priest.” In al-Wafd Suzie’s surname was Suzie Halīm Junaydī, and she was introduced as a doctor. Al-Wafd also mentioned Nivinne Nabīl Kāmil Rizq Allāh as the employee and the real mother of the baby].
The above mentioned are facing charges of handing and facilitating an illegal adoption of a two week-old child called Michael Sharīf Halīm by Sharīf Halīm and Mercedes Elena.
Investigations revealed that Suzie Elena and Sharīf Halīm, while still in the U.S.A, agreed with the Egyptian priest and the other people involved to adopt the baby born from Suzie Jalm out of wedlock.
[Reviewer: Similar news was reported in al-Wafd of February 17, 2010 (p. 1). See similar stories in AWR 2009, week 9, article 20. It is noteworthy that adoption is illegal in Egypt according to the Islamic Sharī‘ah that is the main source of legislation according to an article of the Egyptian Constitution. Many calls have been made by Christians to pass a law to legalize adoption for Christians, whose religion does not prohibit adoption].
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