10. The roots of sectarian fitnah [13] Dr. Tharwat Bāsīlī

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Dr. Tharwat Bāsīlī reflects on the reality of sectarian conflict in Egypt.
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Dr. Tharwat Bāsīlī is the deputy of the Coptic Orthodox Church’s Community Council and a member of the policy committee in the ruling National Democratic Party.
Commenting on fitnah and sectarian strife in Egypt, Bāsīlī stated that sectarian incidents trouble the government even more than Copts. He also stated that the second article of the Egyptian Constitution enforces division. [The second article stipulates that the Islamic Sharī‘ah is the main source of legislation in Egypt.]. However, Bāsīlī rejects devoting a quota for Copts in the Parliament, elaborating that Cops are not politically isolated and that it is not possible that amongst Copts there is no one who is apt to a leading governing position.
Basīlī asserted that Copts do not have special demands and that their main demand is equality. He also stressed the importance of passing a unified law for building houses of worship. Reflecting on the Coptic angry reaction and protests against the incidents of Naj‘ Hammādī, Bāsīlī stated that they were usual and simple compared to the crime.
Bāsīlī further stated that the government takes what it wants from amongst the results of the fact finding committees formed following the different conflicts.


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