23. Expel Carmen Weinstein: she is the eye of Israel inside Egypt … Egyptians are angered by what is happening in Jewish temples

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Sawt al-Ummah writes about Carmen Weinstein, head of the Jewish community in Egypt.
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[Editor: This article is mainly a personal attack on the leader of the Jewish community in Cairo, Carmen Weinstein, and is filled with suspicion as to the motives behind a Jewish celebration at the newly renovated Mūsá Ibn Maymūn and an Israeli presence at the ceremony. For an in-depth interview with Weinstein, see AWR2010 Week 7 Article 35 in which she emphasizes her loyalty to Egypt and distances herself from both Israel and the Israeli embassy. It is also worth mentioning (not included in the article) that for formal Jewish prayers, a quorum of 10 Jewish men must be present. With Egypt’s ever declining Jewish community, this is easier said than done, and in AWR2010 Week 7 Article 36, the leader of Alexandria’s Jewish community explains that having to ‘import’ Jews from Israel for high holidays and celebrations is not unusual. This hardly represents the link between Egypt’s Jews and Israel that is implied in this article.]
“If you want to know the reason behind Egyptians’ anger from what is happening inside Jewish temples in Egypt, look for Carmen,” al-Ibrāshī starts his article, “If you want to know who really attacks Jewish temples, look for Carmen.” Al-Ibrāshī introduces Carmen Weinstein as the head of the Jewish community in Egypt.
Jewish temples within Egypt are Egyptian monuments that belong to Egyptians only. No one has the right to manipulate them to be used as a channel for Israel to penetrate Egyptian society. Last week, Sawt al-Ummah published some dangerous documents that put an end to the honeymoon period between the Egyptian government and the head of the Jewish group, Carmen Weinstein. The documents accused Weinstein of taking some of the money intended for the reconstruction of Jewish temples. The documents also revealed that the money came from governmental bodies like the Ministry of Culture and the Supreme Council for Antiquities.
A few days ago, Weinstein sent a letter to Dr. Zāhī Hawās telling him that the board of the Jewish community had decided to hold a religious celebration for the reconstruction of the Jewish temple, Mūsá Ibn Maymūn. At the end of the letter, Carmen mentioned that a full version of the program will be sent within two weeks.
It is the right of Egyptian Jews to celebrate in Egypt, which is a country of religious tolerance. It is their right to invite Egyptian-Jewish immigrants to celebrate with them. They also have the right to live as Egyptian citizens and to practice their religious rituals freely. However, the problem is that Carmen Weinstein invited many Israelis to attend the events, making the celebration more Israeli than Jewish.  
“The temple of Mūsá Ibn Maymūn is an Egyptian monument,” Wā’il al-Ibrāshī concludes. “It was reconstructed with Egyptian funds. Would the Egyptian government make this celebration one for all Egyptians to celebrate, instead of leaving it to Carmen Weinstein?”
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