35. The pope is in danger

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34The pope is in danger


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February 28, 2010
Majdī Salāmah
Han&#299 Lab&#299b Ish&#257q
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A website instigates for the killing of Pope Shenouda, pope of Alexandria.
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[Editor: The author signs the article “Majdī”, and his use of quotation marks suggest this is a pseudonym, although it is unclear why the author should be so keen to protect his identity.]
The author states that Pope Shenouda of Alexandria is in danger of murder plot. A website named al-Marsad al-Islāmī [Islamic Observatory] [http://www.tanseerel.com/main/Default.aspx] is shown to be instigating the rumors, and alleges to be a scientific body which confronts “Christianization.” No information is given about the website founders, members, or sponsors. Recently, the website published an explicit campaign against Pope Shenouda, calling for his killing. The campaign also calls for the collection of a million signatures to retain the use of Qur’ānic verses within the educational curriculum. The website alleges that the church, the state, and the laymen all work together against the Muslims of Egypt. It calls for confronting the crimes of the Church against Muslims, and that Muslims must break into the papal residence to cut the Pope’s beard.
The author believes that such instigation is dangerous, and it has a very negative effect on young men, particularly those who are not well educated. In the same context, Father ‘Abd al-Masīh Basīt, teacher of apologetics in the Clerical College, confirms that the church has no relation to the campaign for removing Qur’ānic verses from educational curricula. He also states that he knows who supports the website.