80. What happened in 'Ātfīh?

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80. What happened in 'Ātfīh?


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March 12, 2011
Diana Maher Ghali
Diana Ghali
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Rumors had spread about incidents in Sūl village, 'Ātfīh, Helwan governorate, where the Church of the Two Martyrs, Saint Mina and Saint George was burned by a number of Muslim extremists.

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A group of Muslim extremists had burned the church as they suspected an affair between a Muslim young woman and a Coptic young man.

Many of the Coptic residents in the village praised some Muslim families who protected them and offered them shelter and protection.

Prior to the church burning incident, Christians and Muslims protested in front of the Radio & TV building in Maspero area demanding the re-building of the church.

According to the newspaper, some of the demands were urgent but others could be postponed.

Some of the Coptic protesters said that they feel like they are treated as minority and denied rumors that the church contained magic spells.

Another Muslim protester said that this protest is a duty incumbent on each and every Muslim who wishes to see injustice against Copts coming to an end.

People who live next near Maspero were giving away food and drinks for the protesters.

In another note, a group of 'Ātfīh youths, Muslims and Christians, launched a page on the social networking web site Facebook called Christians and Muslims against 'Ātfīh Incidents.