16. Prominent Egyptian Salafī proclaims victory of religion in referendum

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One of Egypt’s prominent Salafīsts' Sheikhs, Muhammad Husayn Ya‘qūb, defined Saturday’s referendum’s turnout - with 77 percent voting in favour of the proposed amendments - as a “ 'yes’ to religion”.

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The Salafī preacher criticized those who voted "no" in the referendum and announced “That’s it. The country is ours.”

The Muslim Brotherhood and some Salafi groups had previously urged Egyptians to support the proposed constitutional amendments, which leave Islam as the primary source of legislation and favour early parliamentary elections. Latter are perceived as impeding opposition groups’ sufficient preparation, thereby favouring the well-organized Muslim Brotherhood.

As summarized in the article “Politicians see religious mobilization as a threat to democracy," there are several politicians and political experts, who argue that religion must be separated from politics in order to ensure Egypt’s democratic development.

On the same note, in al-Misrī al-Yawm, page 5, March 22, 2011, a number of al-Jamā'ah al-Islāmīyah's leaders welcomed the result of the referendum results. They believe that this will give the Islamic movements a space after being persecuted for three decades.

The group's attorney said that seventy seven percent who said 'yes' in the referendum represent the majority of the street who are either Islamists or their supporters, expressing that the rest of the percentage are secular people who are scared from the existence of Islamists in the coming elections.

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