31. Former security officials accused of murdering Zaytūn jeweler to spark strife

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The head of the defense counsel in the murder of al-Zaytūn jeweler Makram 'Āzir and three others accused former Interior Minister Habīb al-'Ādlī and former State Security Agency chief Hasan 'Abd al-Rahman of involvement in the incident to ignite Fitnah Ṭā’ifīyah between Muslims and Copts.

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Muhammad Shabānah, a lawyer for the defendants, said the former regime's approach was to create crises between Muslims and Christians to add fuel to the flame and distract the citizens' attention away from the father-to-son passing of power.

Shabānah noted that there was no ounce of gold missing in the jeweler's store, which suggests the involvement of the security apparatus in the murder.

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