8. 'Abūd al-Zumur, the murderer whom the media made a hero

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Salafīs occupied Egyptian television and Tāmir Āmīn hosts Muhammad Hasān who considered Copts to be infidels and claimed  the professions of medicine, engineering and working in post offices and banks haram [religiously unlawful].

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Many Egyptian citizens are not aware of the history of such religious groups which have shed a lot of blood. If the previous regime shut its television to these groups (Jamā‘at al-Islāmiyyah group and Muslim Brotherhood) , who decided now for us to open it for them? To faces we sleep and wake up to.

Do not say that we call for freedom and then confiscate it, but before you reveal these faces to the citizens, teach them first. Try to make them understand who these extremist groups are then release them and let them choose and judge.

Just because people attacked Egyptian broadcast channels, that does not mean that they should now allow just anyone to appear on television. Media reporter Tāmir Āmīn, hosted Shaykh Muhammad Hasān not long ago.

He introduced him saying: “Mawlānā [our sire], Islamic preacher the great...” praising him and saying that jewels (like him) will stay till the end. Which jewel exactly are you talking about, Tāmir Āmīn? This is the man who through his channel he forbid professions of medicine, engineering, and working in post offices and banks.

In his channel, he also considered Copts to be infidels as incitement to kill them. He might be talking now about the revolution, what should and what should not be. His tongue may be sweet now but he will go back to what he used to be.

Reporters are flirting with these people as much as they can to be liked and accepted, but these people are a danger to us, and welcoming them into television could be disastrous. We should acknowledge that al-Zumur is not a fighter or a political figure, but a murderer!


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