82. Salafists showing their teeth

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Egyptians are going through a very appalling period upon rumors about enforcing hijāb wearing outdoors.

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The rumors were spread on a large scale on Monday, March 28, 2011, causing intimidation to Christian families that women might be taken hostage until Muslim women allegedly detained inside churches are released.

Muslim families whose daughters are not veiled were also scared.

These rumors were spread through one of the talk shows whose presenter, previously expelled from the Tahrīr square, said he received a message threatening women that salafists are organizing a protest in front of the Council of State calling for the release of women alledgedly converted to Islam who detained inside churches.

Some reports assume that the former regime have paid for this presenter to create chaos and terror.

Panic prevailed in the circle of many Christian families in Asyut as their students refrained from going to schools or universities.

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