49. Salafists and the recent incidents

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Dār al-Iftā' (Ifta house) said that the destruction of shrines or moving the cemeteries to the outskirts of Cairo is running counter to the sharī'ah, writes Wā'il Fāyiz in an article.

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On the same page, an article titled "Politicians urge state to fight salafists with security and sue them with the anti-hooliganism law," read that politicians demanded a control on salafists.

"We need to fight them by security, not by dialogue, and punish them over any excesses they might commit," according to the article.

Also, on the same page, Isrā' Hāmid writes Sūfīs protested against salafīyah in Asyut to demand the formation of military committees to protect shrines.

In this article, a woman who recently converted to Islam [click here to read her story] said that she received death threats from salafists for attacking her Coptic father.


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