30. Family murder a sectarian incident

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Three Coptic brothers have been arrested on suspicion of murdering their sister as well as her 5 years old son. The brothers also attempted to murder her husband and her daughter in what appears to be a sectarian hate crime.

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The three brothers; Yussif 'Adīl, Rā'fat, and 'Aissā confessed to killing their sister Sālwa 'Adīl as she is married to a Muslim and converted to Islam.

'Aissā admitted that he paid a visit to his sister and decided to spend the night in her house .  He further asserted that he was unaware that his brothers would attempt to kill her. 

He added that at 3 o'clock in the morning they heard the doorbell ringing. When his sister's husband rushed to open the door, they stabbed him twice, believing him to be dead. 

They then proceeded to stab their sister multiple times. In addition, they killed her son. While attempting to kill her daughter, some neighbors broke into the house and rescued the 6 year old girl.

Sālwa 'Adīl converted to Islam over six years ago. The three brothers said that they went to their sister more than once advising her to return back to her Christian faith, but she refused.


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