69. Pope Shenouda discusses kindness during weekly blessing

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During his weekly Angelus blessing [Definitely the author of this article meant the weekly sermon] on Wednesday, May 11, 2011, Pope Shenouda chose kindness as a main topic, leaving recent sectarian clashes in Imbābah uncommented.

Meanwhile, Copts have continued their protests for the sixth day in front of the Egyptian state television building in Maspero area.

Archbishop Mattias Nasr, priest of the Virgin Mary Church in ‘Izbit al-Nakhl, stressed that Copts will not stop their sit-in until the government releases Copts who were detained during previous sit-ins and reopens churches that have been closed.

[Editor's Note: The newspaper was wrong about the title of Mattias Nasr. It has written it as Archbishop while he is in fact Archpriest.]

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