1. Christians comment on Imbābah unrest

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Figures from Egypt's three Christian denominations commented on the incidents of Imbābah.

Bishop Dr. Yūhannā Qultah Sa‘īd, Deputy Patriarch of the Coptic Catholic Church, wrote that it is known that the extremist, fanatic and hard-line movements do not accept the others, practicing takfīr against whoever they want and can not stand different opinions.

These hard-line groups are alien to the Egyptian culture, he said.

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Father Salīb Matta Sawiris, a Coptic Orthodox archpriest, said that he is proud to be an Egyptian Christian citizen.

Praising the peace and amity between Muslims and Christians, he said that every now and then Egypt is exposed to fitnah, which is only repercussions of the former regime.

Reverend Andrea Zakī writes that the right for anyone to change his/her faith needs to be guaranteed without any pressure.

In another article in al-Akhbār, the call for searching churches for weapons or detained women who recently converted to Islam offended the Egyptian church.

Sawiris, who is also a member of the Orthodox Church's Milī Council, said that the Azhar and the church are sacred places that need to be preserved.

Archpriest 'Abd al-Masīh Basīt said that calls to search the church for weapons or detained women embarrass both the state and the church.

AWR's Managing Director Hānī Labīb said in al-Akhbār that the church is open all the time and  no one is prevented from entering.

However, because of the repeated attacks on churches, security organs proposed that churches be surrounded by high fences to protect them, giving them the look of fortified buildings.

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