44. Worship houses law: Trick or treat?

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Is the the issuance of a unified law on building houses of worship going to be the end of misery and the end of fitnah?

Qutb al-'Arabī, writer, answers 'no' because this law will be applied on all religions equally, churches and mosques. That means that, according to the United Nations, every individual will have a minimum of 46 cm and a maximum of 100 cm of worship house. This  means that the census of Copts has to be revealed, and based on this the number and space of churches will be determined. Furthermore, any Christian denomination will have the right to a worship house, like Bishop Maximus' church.

In addition, the church will be affiliated to the State's Ministry of Awqaf [Endowments] which means that appointing priests will be determined by the ministry. Also, donations made to the church will go to the ministry.

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