43. Decree banning the construction of churches

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“Through the past years, Copts faced many problems in practicing their religious rites due to the minimal number of churches in many places” says Īhab Ramzī, the author of the article.

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After the January 25 Revolution, Copts hoped for a better situation and laws to regulate the construction of houses of worship, especially churches, Ramzī added

But unfortunately the new law for constructing churches made the situation worse; as though this law had been issued to prevent construction of churches as it includes many conditions that make the construction of a new church impossible.

One of these conditions is that the space required for building a church should not be less than one thousand meters square; there are many villages that don’t have this huge area.

The fourth condition of Article II prevents building on agricultural land, except in extreme cases, after approval of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Council of Ministers; which makes taking approval impossible.

There should be a thousand meters distance between two churches, which is unfair, as there are some villages that have a large number of Copts who need more than one church.

This shows that Copts will continue suffering even after a new law is declared.

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