40. National accordance conference urges pope to stand up against expatriate Copts' paper

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The Armed Forces Committee, stemming from the national accordance conference, called on the church and Coptic Orthodox Pope Shenouda III to state their position regarding the expatriate Copts' document, which asks the international community to enforce their guardianship on Egypt.

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It also called for strong measures against a signature collecting campaign led by expatriate Copts with the aim of creating a state of instability inside Egypt.

Meanwhile, the committee, chaired by Major General Māhir Hāshim, stressed that medals should be created to the names of the martyrs of the January 25 Revolution in the manner of the October 1973 War martyrs.

Hāshim said that the aim of this new decoration is designed to assist the families of martyrs face the burdens of life by awarding them a monthly stipend.

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