20. What is riddah?

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Muhammad Shibl writes an opinion piece in al-Qāhirah, saying that Kāmilīyā, Wafā' and 'Abīr are three women who became the object of perennial contemplation by a group of Muslim Egyptians, the salafists.

These three women have alledgedly converted to Islam and that the church has later forced them to convert back to Christianity by detaining them inside monasteries.

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I can see neither reason nor love in all of this, Shibl wrote.

The people who committed those crimes do not deserve to be called salafists, because salafists are simply people who follow the rightful ancestors.

Should conversion back to Christianity be considered riddah (apostasy)? Shibl wonders.

According to the Book of Allah (the Qur'ān), it is not riddah because Islam is the religion of the Prophet Muhammad and the Prophet 'Isá (Jesus Christ in Christianity) and all the Prophets.

So, People who follow the Prophets' path, regardless of their sharī'ah, are one nation. Hence, conversion back to Christianity should never be considered riddah but rather switching from one sharī'ah to another within the same religion.

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