32. ‘Dog battle’: Copts protest for right to re-marry in front of Cathedral

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Thousands of Copts gathered yesterday morning in front of the Cathedral, demanding the right to a second-marriage following years of neglect from within the Clerical Council.

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Some of the protestors became involved in a scuffle with members of security when they tried to enter the Cathedral, in attempts to obtain evidence that would clarify reasons for divorce in Christianity in order for it to be presented to the court.

The Cathedral of Alexandria has stressed that the church’s position on this topic is very clear as it is formed strictly according to the teachings of the Bible, which only permits divorce in the case of marital unfaithfulness. The Cathedral further stressed that the church’s position will not change and “no one can twist our arm.”

This is the fourth demonstration to be organized outside of the Church, to no avail.

[Reviewers note: this news story is also mentioned in al-Wafd, page 3, August 16, 2011.]

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