33. Egyptian churches welcome Azhar paper, term it as "safe exit"

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The three Egyptian Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant churches praised the document issued by the Azhar and expressed appreciation for the "national role" played by the Azhar institution to "mend the rift" among the political factions.

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The churches termed the Azhar paper as a "safe exit" from the quagmire of the supra-constitutional principles.

Father Rafīq Greish, Director of the press office of the Catholic Church in Egypt, said the Catholic Church is glad over the accordance among political groups over the Azhar paper, adding any given two people can never disagree over these constitutional principles.

Rev. Rif'at Fikrī, Pastor of the Evangelical Church in Shubrā, said that the paper stressed the civil nature of the state and managed to bring the different parties' views closer.

Meanwhile, Coptic Orthodox thinker and former People's Assembly member, said the document came just as the society was getting involved in a phase of differences over the constitution-governing principles.

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