34. ‘Freedom and Justice’ accuse US of attempting to impose American-like democracy upon Egypt

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The Secretary General of the Muslim Brotherhood’s political party ‘Freedom and Justice’, Dr. Muhammad Sa'd al-Katatnī, has described the remarks of Eric Cantor, the majority leader in the U.S., as an “unacceptable intervention” after Cantor expressed his concerns over the possibility of a majority victory by the Muslim Brotherhood in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Egypt.


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The main point stressed by al-Katatnī in a report by al-Dustūr was that the party do not wish to acquire a majority vote at the next Parliament due to its belief that there is no single political force that can do anything within the country at the moment or in the coming period, reinforcing that the party will not be declaring anatomy of more than 50 percent of the number of seats in Parliament at its next session.

In the same report, al-Katatnī also briefly mentioned Israel, in that it considers the possession of nuclear reactors as the biggest threat in the region and has refused to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty of Nuclear Weapons.


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