41. Constitutional principles paper in 3 weeks, says official

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The cabinet is expected to announce the constitutional principles document, which encompasses all documents issued by the different political parties and movements, in three weeks' time, according to Deputy Prime Minister for Political Development & Democratization 'Alī al-Silmī.

The Azhar's paper had dominated the discussions of political groups' representatives during an iftār banquet on August 17 at a Cairo hotel, attended by Silmī presidential hopeful 'Amr Mūsá, Minister of Tourism Munīr Fakhrī 'Abd al-Nūr, the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) leader Muhammad Mursī and leaders from al-Wafd party as well as a high-level Sudanese delegation.

Mūsá called for supporting the Azhar's paper, noting that the principles it offered are enough. "There is nothing above the constitution but there are some consensus principles among the different groups in the society."

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