5. Maspero Copts: ‘In love with Egypt Friday’ demonstrations demand democracy and freedom

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5. Maspero Copts: ‘In love with Egypt Friday’ demonstrations demand democracy and freedom


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August 13, 2011
Zoe Kurle
Zoe Kurle
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Members of the Maspero Youth Union of Coptic Christians encouraged mass participation in the ‘In love with Egypt Friday’ demonstration, inviting along Sufi Muslims and some of the political and national movements, reinforcing that they are an integral part of the national civilian force that demands democracy and freedom, and for Egypt to be a civil state.


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According to committee member of the Union, Magdi Sabir, they will continue their efforts with partners from national political parties and movements to achieve the goals of the revolution and to also achieve stability in building a better life for Egypt’s children and children’s children.

One of the most important reasons that prompted the Union to participate in the ‘In love with Egypt Friday’ gathering was to place emphasis on Egyptian identity and value, in addition to the demands of achieving the goals of the revolution and the refusal of certain outbidding by some political movements, namely the Salafis and Muslim Brotherhood. The demonstration was to mainly strengthen the civilian Egyptian state in response to ‘Islamist Friday’, which was organized by the Salafis and Muslim Brotherhood, as well as several other Islamist groups, on the 29th July 2011. These demonstrations have consequentially caused a divide between the political and national powers.

Sabir stated that the new demonstrations are not aiming to confront any political forces and do not involve any religious goals or slogans and that the Sufis asked for the participation of the Maspero Youth Union and also Sheikh Abu al-Azim, Sheikh of ‘Alazayim ways, stressing that the members of the Union must participate in their millions in order to express their love for Egypt and most importantly, assure it becomes a civil state.

Fadi Yusef, a Coptic activist, said mass participation of the Coptic community came as an invitation to pledge a new civilian Egypt, promoting equal opportunities and the implementation of full citizen rights. Copts are allegedly very pleased with the large turnout of Sufis at the demonstration, as they are one of the more moderate Islamic groups in Egypt.