70. 2,869 churches, 108,395 mosques, says CAPMAS President

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Dr. Fatmah Sayīd Ahmad began the interview with Major General Abū Bakr al-Jindī, President of the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS), by asking that all the statistics that were prohibited former regime, related to the census of Christians and Nubians in Egypt, be made publically available.


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Major General Abū Bakr al-Jindī responded saying that there are no hidden statistics either from before or after the ousted regime, adding that during the last two censuses (since 20 years), the United Nations recommended dealing with human beings with delicacy i.e. we should not ask anyone about his religion because his religion only concerns himself, hence the question became optional and its figures cannot be representative.

About the number of churches and mosques, he said that, according to the recent figures: Egypt has a total number of 108,395 mosques and 2,869 churches. The largest number of churches are in al-Minya governorate (555 churches), Asyut (463) and Sohag (320). New Valley had the least number of churches, only two, then North Sinai (four churches) and Matruh (five churches).

As for mosques, Sharqia (13,382 mosques), Beheira (9278), Dakahlia (6,705). The least number of mosques exist in South Sinai (217), Red Sea (225) and New Valley (435).

In Cairo there are 5,776 mosques and 294 churches and Alexandra has 5,557 mosques and 200 churches.

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