49. Presidential hopeful calls for wearing hijāb

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Shaykh Salāh Abū Ismā'īil, Islamic preacher and presidential hopeful [click here for his official website], said that he is against Camp David as an individual, but as a president there are other things to take into consideration.

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He added that he has no conflict with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). He also said that he is not against tourism but that does not mean that tourism can distort the relationship with God; for instance, there will be beaches for foreigners, beaches for Arabs, and beaches for Muslims.

He will make regulations and supervision of all fields to protect the Islamic Sharī'ah.

Ismā'īl said that hijāb is a fard from God, adding that when he calls for hijāb he calls for God's orders, and a president should call all associations to execute God's orders.

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