50. Tahrir preacher calls for activating Treachery Law

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Mazhar Shaheen, the sheikh delivering the sermon for Friday prayers in Tahrir Square, called on the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) to apply the Treachery Law to former National Democratic Party (NDP) members and other corrupt figures in order to ban them from being seated in the next parliament. He also called for ending the state of emergency and amending the law regulating the upcoming parliamentary elections.


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After Shaheen mentioned the "oath of loyalty to the revolution," thousands of protesters participating in the “Friday of Reclaiming the Revolution” chanted: "We swear by the Almighty to protect our revolution, its goals and demands, to live for it and die for it."

The Treachery Law must be activated, as Egyptians will not accept a single corrupt member of the Mubarak regime in the coming parliament, he continued.

“The day we will see one of them in the parliament we will call to dismantle the body,” he said, calling on officials to follow the right path as people will not accept if their demands are ignored.

If people were able to dissolve the former parliament, then they surely can dissolve the coming parliament if it is rigged as well, he said. He also called to prevent former NDP members from participating in politics for 10 years, as the coming parliament will form the basis of the new state.

"How could those who corrupted the country take part in drafting the new constitution?" he asked.

The Tahrir preacher reminded that the revolution was peaceful and must remain peaceful. He said that those trying to distort the image of the revolution are paid thugs.

"We are the owners of our home, Egypt, and no one can take it from us after today," he said.

Protesters have not attacked the police or the military, Shaheen emphasized, but are actually victims of the paid thugs who have aimed to drive a wedge between the people and the armed forces.

He warned officials who follow the same policies of the former regime, saying that the people are the ones who have allowed them to reach power, so they can also dismiss them if they are dissatisfied.

Shaheen criticized the state media for hosting "counter-revolutionaries" who accuse the revolution of damaging the "wheel of production" in the country. He said the revolutionaries can dismantle the Information Ministry and dismiss the information minister if he continues to follow old policies.

He also called to examine the files of the companies and firms that looted public money under privatization laws, including cement and steel firms.

At the end of his speech, Shaheen renewed his call to activate the Treachery Law, saying, "The revolution does not request, but orders, to activate the Treachery Law, amend the law regulating parliamentary elections and abolish the Emergency Law."

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