48. Who set the Saint George festival ablaze?

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A state of disgruntlement prevailed in Coptic circles in the governorate of Luxor in general and Armant city in particular after the prosecution released persons suspected of involvement in setting the camps of Christians celebrating the Saint George festival on fire.

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There were conflicting reports over the causes of the fire as some monks and young volunteers at the Saint George Monastery said that the incident was criminal while a civil defense official denied there were criminal suspicions.

A huge fire gutted more than 150 camps inside the Martyr Mar Girgis Monastery in the village of al-Ruzayqāt, Armant, Luxor in late October 2011.

Safwat Sam'ān, a leader of a rights advocacy group in Luxor, called for tougher security around the monastery and the area of the festivities in order to prevent infiltrations by outlaws and thugs.

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