31. Saudi flags appear in Shubrā march to Tahrīr

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Saudi flags appear in Shubrā , 29 injured in clashed between unidentified people and Coptic activists during a march to al-Tahrīr


A Coptic march to commemorate the 40-day anniversary of Maspero clashes has been attacked by unidentified persons in Shubrā. The march had set out from Shubrā Square and was heading to Tahrīr Square.

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Police investigations said that more than 50 persons hurled stones and Molotov fire bombs against participants in the march, which left 29 persons injured who were moved to hospitals in Shubrā.

Activists in Free Copts movement said that the supporters of one of the candidates for the coming parliamentary elections are behind the attack. Police cordoned off the area where clashes took place and used tear gas to stop the clashes between the protestors and the unknown assailants.

The Maspero Youth Union has cancelled a service to commemorate the Maspero martyrs on a Nile cruise boat today as a result of the violence in Shubrā.

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[Reviewer's Note: New story was also mentioned in al-Shurūq al-Jadīd, page 3, November 18, 2011, al-Akhbār, page 4, November 18, 2011 and al-Jumhūrīyah, page 6, November 19, 2011. Both articles have no links online.] 

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