6. Ismael Khatib awarded State of Hessen peace prize 2010

Article summary: 

You probably all have heard the story of Ismael Khatib, the father whose 8 year old son Ahmed Khatib was shot dead by Israeli soldiers in Jenin / Palestine because they mistook his plastic toy gun for a real gun.

After there was no hope for Ahmed, father Ismael agreed to donate Ahmeds organs to four other children to help save their lives. Among them were a Jewish orthodox girl.

Leon Geller and Marcus Vetter have made a moving film about this incident and how Ismael Khatib visited the children who benefited from the donations afterwards.

For this act of humanity Ismael Kahatib was awarded the peace prize of the State of Hessen in Germany in 2010.

The film was available in German and French on arte-tv at


(unfortunately the link has expired for copyright reasons, we will try to find it on youtube)

A lot of the dialogues are in Arabic so it may be interesting to the Arabic audience also.

The film moved me very much because it showed the different dimensions of the conflict and how one father walks the path of peace instead of revenge and opens the doors to a new understanding.

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