24. AWR Daily Overview, June 6, 2012: Minya governor rebukes employee for declining to congratulate Copts on Christmas

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Al-Minya Governor Sirāj al-Dīn al-Rūbī officially rebuked an undersecretary of social affairs for refusing to congratulate Christians on the Coptic Christmas after administrative prosecution probes proved his violation of his position’s protocol. [Māhir ‘Abd al-Sabūr, al-Shurūq al-Jadīd, June 6, p. 2] Read text in Arabic

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The governor had asked Mustafá Muhammad ‘Abd Allāh to accompany a delegation visiting churches to congratulate Copts but he violated instructions and refused to do so. [Māhir ‘Abd al-Sabūr, al-Shurūq al-Jadīd, June 6, p. 2] Read text in Arabic

A delegation from several political parties and movements, including the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), is paying a visit to the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate in Sohag to offer assurances for Christians and ask them to vote for FJP leader Muhammad Mursī. [Khālid Hassan, al-Akhbār, June 6, p. 7] Read text in Arabic

Joseph Malāk, a lawyer for the families of victims of the early last year’s deadly bombing attack on the Two Saints Church that left dozens killed or wounded, said he is going to sue Minister of Interior Muhammad Ibrāhīm, Alexandria Security Director Khālid Ghurābah and the chief of al-Muntazah police station investigations department for their “slackness” to enforce the public prosecution’s arrest warrants against the culprits.

“If this slackness continues after a new president is in power, the president himself will be sued too and we’ll never stop until the rights of the martyrs and injured persons in the attack are recovered,” said Malāk. [Nashwá Fārūq, al-Shurūq al-Jadīd, June 6, p. 6] Read text in Arabic

Meanwhile, the Coptic Orthodox Church set criteria for electing or excluding candidates for the post of the 118th pope to succeed Pope Shenouda III, who passed away on March 17, adding the initial list of candidates will be announced soon.

Bishop Bisāntī of Helwan and al-Ma’sarah and member of the Holy Synod, said good reputation and fine speech are among those criteria to select the next pope. [Rānyā Nabīl, al-Ahālī, June 6, p. 7] Read original text in Arabic

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces gave political powers and parties 48 hours to agree on key standards to form a constitution-drafting panel as a meeting held by SCAF Chairman Field Marshal Muhammad Husayn Tantāwī on Tuesday (June 5) with politicians saw differences over issuance of a complementary constitutional declaration or the activation of the 1971 Constitution. [Dālyā ‘Uthmān, ‘Ādil al-Darājlī and Mahmūd Jāwīsh, al-Misrī al-Yawm, June 6, p. 6] Read original text in Arabic

On the other hand, Minister of Awqāf (Endowments) Muhammad ‘Abd al-Fadīl al-Qūsī underlined the importance of providing all forms scholarly support for a Pakistani judicial delegation that will visit Cairo on June 13 to get abreast of Egypt’s experiment of entrenching a culture of moderation and renunciation of violence and hard-line ideologies.

“Rectifying the image about Islam and Muslims abroad must be Muslims’ top cause and everyone must work on removing this distorted image caused by the actions of some extremist religious groups,” Qūsī said in statements during a meeting with Pakistan’s ambassador in Cairo. [Nādir Abū al-Futūh, al-Ahrām, June 6, p. 20] Read original text in Arabic

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