67. Statement from the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate at Anba Rueiss, Abbassiya

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Arab West Report translated the text of the Coptic Orthodox acting Patriarch Bishop Pachomius's comment on the incidents of the village Dahshūr, al-Badrāshīn Township.

Below is the full text translation of the the official statement.

[Reviewer's Note: the below name, address and  postal code were mentioned in English in the official statement that is why Arab West Report did not transliterate Deir Anba Rueiss.] 

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Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate
Deir Anba Rueiss, Rameses Avenue
Abbassiya, Cairo, 11381, Egypt

Statement from the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate at the Monastery of Saint Rueis (Dayr al-Anbā Ruways), 'Abbāssīyah

We received with pain the reports of the incidents at the village of Dahshūr, Giza Governorate, which resulted in the regrettable death of a citizen, and which developed into group assaults on the Copts of the village.

Many innocent Copts were assaulted, as were houses and possessions, and our peaceful brethren were forced to leave the village. The church was also attacked.

From the standpoint of our national and church responsibilities we denounce these incidents, and call on the authorities to adopt a decisive stand regarding the blatant and repeated assaults in the recent period, which we note were not handled with the required firmness.

Therefore, we hope the authorities will speedily punish those responsible, safeguard Coptic citizens and ensure their return to their homes, and disburse just compensation to those who have suffered during these events.

We believe that the necessary firmness will halt the current of violence Copts have been facing in recent times, and we pray to God that peace return to our society , and that all citizens be reassured regarding the nation, themselves, and their property.

Bishop Pachomius
Coptic Orthodox acting Patriarch
Date: 02-08-2012

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