13. AWR Daily Overview, February 6, 2012: Egypt’s Episcopal Church mourns Port Said football massacre victims

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The Episcopal / Anglican Diocese of Egypt mourned on Sunday (February 5) “all the sons of Egypt who lost their lives in deplorable incidents in the cities of Port Said, Suez and Cairo”. [Author Not Mentioned, al-Jumhūrīyah, Feb. 6, p. 6] Read text in Arabic 

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The head of the church, Rev. Mūnīr Hannā Anīs, appealed to all Egyptians to observe calm and restraint, asserting that acts of violence do not bring about the aspired goals of revealing facts.

He also called on the Egyptian leaders, ministries and institutions concerned to speed up unraveling facts surrounding all incidents with accuracy and transparency to “bring to justice the persons responsible for this human disaster that Egypt has never witnessed before”. [Author Not Mentioned, al-Jumhūrīyah, Feb. 6, p. 6] Read text in Arabic 

An initiative was launched with participation of the Azhar, the ministry of awqāf (endowments) and the Coptic Orthodox Church in a bid to defuse the strife between revolting youths and the interior ministry after three days of clashes between the two sides as young people are trying to storm the ministry premises.

The clashes erupted right after 74 fans of al-Ahlī, Egypt’s leading football squad, were killed and hundreds others wounded when fans of al-Misrī of Port Said’s dashed the football pitch in a bloody frenzy. [Muhammad ‘Abd al-Latīf, al-Ahrām, Feb. 6, p. 4] Read original text in Arabic

The Alexandria court of urgent matters decided to adjourn the case of the Church of the Two Saints to the March 18 session in order to allow the plaintiffs to photocopy the investigations file at the supreme state security prosecution on the January 1, 2011 bombing attack that left dozens killed or wounded. [Huwaydah Fathī, al-Akhbār, Feb. 6, p. 3] Read original text in Arabic

Meanwhile, the Giza Emergency Supreme State Security Court adjourned to the April 1 session the Imbābah incidents casein which 48 persons – 33 Muslims and 15 Christians – are facing charges of illegal assembly, premeditated murder, attempted murder, sparking and inciting sectarian fitnah and setting fire to the Virgin Mary Church with malice aforethought for lack of sufficient policemen to secure the courthouse.

The court was supposed to hear the statement by Major General Hamdī Badīn, Commander of the Military Police, who failed to show up for Sunday’s session.

The Imbābah clashes, which erupted on May 7-8, 2011, had started upon words that Fakhrī, a Christian woman said to be married to a Muslim man, was purportedly detained inside a church in the impoverished district. [Khadījah ‘Abd al-Kareem and Hanā’ Bakrī, al-Akhbār, Feb. 6, p. 14] Read original text in Arabic

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