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Hanān Sulaymān talks about spending five days in an American priest’s home. John is a priest of the Episcopal Church who has studied Islam and eastern culture. Sulaymān and his family attended a Jewish school and are pro-Palestinian. She says that he is curious about the Muslim Brotherhood and...
The author reviews two books one comparing and contrasting the three Ibrahamic faiths and the other about Muslim immigration to the U.S.   
Hanān Sulaymān continues reviewing the ‘World of Islam’ book series issued in America and taught to 10 – 16 year old students.
The author highlights the attitudes of some expatriate Copts and how they seek protection from foreign countries.
As part of a negative campaign launched against Islam, a new book entitled "The Third Choice … Islam, Dhimmītude, and Freedom" by Mark Durie, was published a few days ago. The book tackles the way that non-Muslims are treated in Islamic countries. 
The World Council of Churches is calling for its affiliated churches to boycott Israel in a call for peace.
The article discusses the Ninth International Coptic Conference, pointing to the importance of preserving Coptic heritage and antiquities.
The Ninth International Coptic conference has been held over the past few days and has discussed issues such as the Coptic museum and the role of women in the Coptic community.
The second annual conference organized by the USAID within the framework of media development, was a campaign to assassinate the national press and to promote the yellow press.
The articles talk about the secular Muslims and secular individuals from Muslim countries brought together to discuss the need for reforming the Islamic philosophy.


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