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In Egypt, there is a new experiment going on to cultivate the principles of mutual understanding, tolerance, and acceptance of others; a Muslim is teaching at an Evangelical seminary, and a Christian is teaching at al-Azhar. 
Since the June 30 revolution, Egypt has laid a foundation stone to anchor the values of citizenship and national unity; by raising the principles of equality and combating discrimination and sectarianism. As the prince of poetry Aḥmad Shawqī said “We are Muslims and Copts… one nation over the...
Akhbār al-Yawm Portal interviewed three Coptic leaders over their thoughts on whether or not Copts should be allowed to attend al-Azhar University. 
Al-Azhar University includes a number of faculties that specialize in Islam but also other faculties not related to religion like commerce, agriculture, science, engineering, medicine, pharmacology, Arabic, linguistics, and translation.  So, why aren’t Christians accepted into these faculties?
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